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Experienced Software engineer with 10+ years in the industry. Specialising in software development, automation, DevOps and GIS. I Graduated University of Canterbury with a double major in Computer Science and Geography. Previously I was a qualified electrical technician and worked in the electronics industry for two years holding positions of production technician and team leader.

Currently open to new opportunities.



Manager of Software Development / Principal Spatial Developer

Managing software development team consisting of 6 Developers and 1 UI/UX specialist.

Maintaining responsibilities of Principal developer role.

Reporting to the Manager of Digital Technology.

Led initiatives around improved analytics, performance and error monitoring of software.


Principal Spatial Developer

Technical lead on software development projects specialising in agricultural software.

Assisted with the development and creation of new internal software products.

Creating and help implement software architecture that is robust, scalable, and secure.


Senior Spatial Developer

Consultant providing Software development services specialising in agricultural software.

Training and mentoring graduate and junior developers


Spatial Developer

Operated in a consultancy role offering software development to clients with GIS components.

Full stack development mixing open source and ESRI technologies.

Frontend in Javascript and Typescript utilising Dojo,Vue and React, varied per client. Backend development using C#.NET and Python.

Implemented and helped improve testing and automation processes.

Ryman Healthcare

Senior Test Analyst

Created the foundation of a Microsoft UWP application automation framework.

Implemented new test management strategies.

Designed, developed, executed and documented appropriate test strategies to verify high quality software.

Telogis A Verizon Company

Software and Test Automation Engineer

Automated entire testing regression suites by extending development on my previously established test frameworks. This included scaling mobile automation across multiple host machines and mobile devices.

Took on more development responsibilities including assisting with feature planning, bug fixing, build management and scrum participation.

Maintained existing and implemented new continuous integration infrastructure.

Vehicle diagnostic hardware implementation and maintenance.


Junior Test Automation Engineer

Involved in the design, architecting, developing and running of software systems and tools to ensure a high quality of software was met. One system I designed and constructed was to execute automation test suites on company mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

Developed web browser automation suites and continued maintaining existing Python test suites established during Intern program.

Led the testing of new products and establishment of test suites.


Intern QA engineer

Straightforward intern tasks such as manual testing and updating of test procedures. The role evolved to include test planning and execution, test progress reporting, improvement of testing processes and test environment and maintenance.

Investigated alternative mobile automation frameworks and established a UI automation test suite for company mobile applications on Android. Also completed other automation projects using Python to automate the testing of mobile web services.

Successfully resolved difficult customer technical issues.

Team Leader And Test Technician


Led a team to produce electrical systems which included staff management, quality control, software testing, creating testing standards and liaising with engineers and management. I was also still involved in production repairs, fault recording and reporting, root cause analysis and staff training.


University of Canterbury

2012 - 2014

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Geography with a B+ grade average over the duration of my degree. Maintained an A Grade average in my last year of study.

My Geography major was focused on GIS courses and gained experience with commercial GIS software. This also included environmental processes and gained knowledge of geospatial and geographic analysis.

Computer Science covered a wide range of subjects including programming, software engineering, databases, networking, Internet technology, computer and operating systems, human interaction with software, and web architecture.

Electec College of Technology



Achieved the Electec College Certificate in Applied Electronics Technology with Distinction. Also achieved EST-A (Electrical Service Technician) qualification with a passmark of 95% and received a Top Achiever certificate from the EWRB


Solar Progressive Web Application

An Example of a Progressive Web app (Google) that displays solar data pertaining to aurora strength that is retrieved from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Open Solar App

Android Platform Tools

Self contained Node.js module that wraps the Android SDK platform tools Edit Add topics. Was designed to speed up installation and make a module that is platform independent.

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Published Project

Open Source Contributions

Have worked on various open source projects such as Appium and javascript testing frameworks.

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